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Universal Text Input
Type any language with any keyboard on any web page. Input any language, any script, using only the Roman characters present on every keyboard.
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Usage Directions
Check your spelling as you go. For example type “helllo” then space and Universal Text Input will suggest you change that to “hello”. Use arrows to navigate to a correction then pick it by pressing space/enter or just start typing the next word.
Use English letters to phonetically type words in your language, and Universal Text Input will convert the letters for you. For example type “salam” to get the Arabic "سلام" or "konnichiha" to get the Japanese こんにちは. Type a word, use arrows to navigate to a transliteration and pick it by typing the next character- a space or a comma for example.

Use in any text box on the web
Install Bookmarklet
Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome
Make sure your bookmarks/favorites toolbar is visible, then drag and drop the button below to your toolbar.


Invoke Bookmarklet
Visit any web page and click the bookmarklet. Click in any text area and start typing. To disable/enable Universal Text Input, click on its icon in the text box.